Website Rules and Terms of Use

The website is an online information and communication service created by AOFI Jsc. in order present itself on the Internet. When using this website or downloading material and documentation from the site, you fully accept the rules and terms of use specified in this notification. If you do not accept any of the rules and terms of use, please do not use this website or download material and documentation from it.

Restricted Use

The content of AOFI website is entirely the property of AOFI. Some parts or the entire website cannot be copied, reproduced, moved, published or distributed without a prior consent in writing provided by AOFI, save in case of downloading information and material and storing it into a computer disk of an individual user for personal use only.

All logotypes presented on this website represent trade names and cannot be used on other websites without a written consent provided by AOFI. No trade name, including AOFI, can be incorporated into an Internet address without a prior written consent of AOFI.


All the content and information on the website shall be presented for public view with the best of intentions and AOFI believes them to be accurate. However, a party wishing to establish a business relationship with AOFI or to use some of the services rendered by AOFI, should not rely on the information provided on this website, but instead, it should submit a direct inquiry to a relevant division within AOFI. AOFI shall not provide any guarantees through this website in relation to any products or services, and therefore, it cannot be responsible for any direct or consequential damage that may result from using the information on this website.

Information on this website may contain technical inaccuracies or typing errors and shall be subject to modification without any prior notice.


Entire copyrighted contents, including graphical, textual, programme and other material are protected by the governing Copyright and Related Rights Act. If you want to publish some of the texts from the site or mailing list, regardless of the media (electronic, print or the Internet), the provision of a prior written consent of AOFI is obligatory. Certain information from the website can be shared on condition that a visible reference is obligatory put in an adequate form that “the information has been downloaded from the website”.

AOFI shall assume no responsibility for any material prepared or published by any third parties towards which a link is made on AOFI web pages.

Should you decide to visit any linked website, it will be on the basis of your own decision and on your own responsibility and you shall assume the risk of viruses or similar damaging elements. The links themselves shall not indicate at the same time that AOFI provides sponsorship in any manner whatsoever or has been associated with the entities responsible for updating the above mentioned websites or web pages.

Court Jurisdiction

Any disputes that may arise in relation to these terms and rules shall be resolved before the competent court in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia.

AOFI reserves the right to also initiate proceedings before the courts of other countries in order to protect its own rights.


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