Serbian Export Credit and Insurance Agency

AOFI –  Serbian Export Credit and Insurance Agency,  j.s.c.  Užice is the official export credit agency of the Republic of Serbia established by a special Law on AOFI for the purpose of export promotion and development of foreign economic relations (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia” No. 61 / 2005 dated July 15, 2005).

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The objects of AOFI is export credit insurance and financing business for Serbian export-oriented companies.

AOFI aims to create strategic improvement of business operation conditions for export economy and overall promotion of the structure of exports of the Republic of Serbia. For this reason AOFI acts jointly with development, financial and other institutions in the country, but also with relevant foreign companies and institutions.
Original capital of AOFI is 25 million EUR.

AOFI operates under the principles of solvency, security and profitability consistently implementing measures for preservation of the real value of capital and measures for the protection against business risks.

Principal goal of the AOFI is to provide incentive and to promote export by applying the     following business policy principles:
•    Preservation of the real value of capital
•    High quality evaluation of the creditworthiness of the Client so that placement and collection safety could be maintained
•    Providing export incentive by permanent promotion and development of AOFI’s operations in the area of receivables insurance
•    Protection of shareholders’ interest

Our mission is to promote the export of Serbian companies through financing and insurance of export projects and cooperation with similar national institutions of the foreign trade partners, with the aim to improve the competitiveness of the domestic economy and to conquer new markets.